Ultra Sound

I remember being so excited to go in for my ultrasound!  I couldn't wait to see my baby and find out what I was having.  I had been through this before and knew what to expect so when my husband was out of town I didn't think twice of going in by myself.  I thought it was silly how insistent my friend was about having someone there with me so I reluctantly asked my mom and sister who just got married to join the party.

It was going great, the tech was taking all the measurements and being kind then all of a sudden I noticed that she stopped answering my questions.  She kept going back to the same spots over and over and over again.  Measuring areas 5-6 times.  I knew that didn't happen with my other two babies so why is she doing this now?  It bothered me that she didn't talk anymore so I kept trying to talk and she continued to keep it to one word answers.  It was the longest ultra sound of my life.  I knew something was wrong with my baby but I had to keep calm with my mom and sister in there.   

The technician left and the genetic counselor came in.  He informed me that my baby was a boy, but they had found something called a "soft marker" associated with down Syndrome.  My heart sank.  He said that his nasal bone was small and this gave him a 10% chance of having down Syndrome. 

Tears started flowing, I couldn't stop them.  He gave me options; I could get an amniocentesis, do nothing at all, or I could do this new test where they draw my blood and find fetal DNA.  This test was 99% accurate with no harm to the baby.  I told him I would decide later.  I got my pictures and left.  My mom and sister were speechless.  I was so glad they were there but still felt so alone.  I cried in the car for 30 minutes then called my husband on the phone.  We decided to take the test.  It was the only way we would know, and we had a 90% chance that he wouldn't have it.

I was angry that day.  Angry that I didn't get to post fun "It's a BOY!" pictures on my social media pages like all my friends and family usually do.  Angry that I had to deal with this problem.  I knew I was having a boy I just didn't know if there were going to be medical problems.  Fear and anxiety consumed me as I came home and called to make the appointment for the test. 

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