Family Pictures

Getting ready for family pictures is always stressful for me!  Trying to coordinate outfits can be overwhelming but here are a couple tips to help you stay focused and get those pictures you want. 

1. Find one piece that you absolutely LOVE. 

For our pictures last year, it was my daughter Kayla's aqua dress from Target.  I loved the detail and the color.  I knew that lots of other colors would look great with it and that it would be perfect for the setting we were taking our pictures in.

2. Outfits don't have to match perfectly.

With her aqua dress, navy blue would look great paired with it.  I found this navy blue blazer for my son, Trey at H&M.   I also found a really cute plaid flannel for Madden at Target.  I didn't want us all in blue though, so I had my husband wear a grey plaid shirt to offset all of the blue. 


Layering is key to getting fabulous pictures!  It adds so much depth.  I felt like I didn't have enough so I found a fur vest for Kayla and boots at Target and paired it with knee socks. I loved how it looked!  Then Trey needed a shirt under his blazer.  I love patterns and I found this striped sweater with bold colors at Target and it fit perfectly with our color scheme.  Madden needed something else for his outfit.  I thought there was too much blue so I found a cream sweater to go over his flannel shirt.  That way, we could get just a little of the blue.  Put a tie on the hubby and I wore a bold patterned skirt from Express with a navy blue top. 

These family pictures have to be one of my favorites yet!  I love that we don't match but somehow it all works together.  The best part about it, is that these monkeys are mine and I love every single one of them!!


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