Yesterday was Mother's Day.  I get all amped up thinking it's going to be this magical day where I get to lay around and do absolutely nothing and be spoiled rotten.  For Mother's Day I asked him to make breakfast, get gifts from my kids, to bathe Madden and to watch the kids for me. 

Breakfast was waiting for me when I got up and Madden was already bathed!  I felt so lucky.  My kids had made me homemade cards and gotten me every different type of chocolate I could have ever wanted.  I was in heaven!  I played games with my kids, and then my husband had to leave for a couple hours (which he warned me about previously so I knew it was happening). 

Anyways, we went to church and everything I had asked my husband to do; he did.  He started falling asleep on the couch and I got upset at him and let it ruin my day because I had to take care of the kids while he was sleeping. 

It was hard not pointing blame and telling him that he didn't care about making my Mother's Day special for me.  I realized that Mother's Day isn't about "getting a break".  My kids NEED me, their mother.  They need their mother to do things for them that their dad just can't do.  I need to be present in their lives 24/7 no matter what day it is.  That's why they love their mother so much. 

I also realized that try as I may, hints don't work.  Being direct and clear are the only way to communicate in a relationship.  My husband did everything I had asked him to.  Yes, he did fall asleep for a little bit but he was still going to watch the kids when he woke up.  Pointing out the one negative to the 15 positives isn't going to make him want to help me again and honestly I lucked out with him!  He already is the most helpful guy around (he does all of our laundry!). 

So here's to next year.  Hoping I can truly enjoy being around the ones I love and loving every minute of it.  Time just goes too fast and soon these kids of mine will be mom's and dad's too.

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